The Origin Of Martin Krooger

Title - The Origin Of Martin Krooger
Author - Sameer Kumar
Publisher - Half Baked Beans
Genre - Thriller
ISBN - 978-93-84315-412

Firstly, I was surprised that this is the very first novel written by the author Sameer Kumar who had never read any novel in his Life. I was equally surprised when I was told that it took 9 years for the author to pen this novel.

The end result is simply amazing.

Few lines I would like to highlight before reviewing the novel.

" Hell is not hellish. It is simply a harsh energy extraction mode since harsh memories and evil deeds are too rigid to be extracted"

I would say this is a Fantasy Thriller and it brings forth in front of me the combination of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and also Narnia to some extent as the story is set to happen in various imaginary places like Alexas, Nukavyas,Nirvana,Eva to name a few.

Nirvana - The land where souls wait to be reincarnated into the birth cycle to go to the land of Eva(Earth) and it is the purest place on Earth.

Agrians who were really powerful created a world called Eva(Earth) where they sent banished souls and used them for their testing purposes. Master Agusthus who held and important position. Moira was his daughter.

Moira loved Gray Castle without knowing that he was the Prince of Nirvana. Gray's mother was Queen Iris. When things were set to go well, Moira turns into rock. Who made her turn into stone?

Few important characters in this novel includes Marion, Master Cardone, Mary, Andrew, Waly, Sir Nerk, Alexia(Daughter of Nerk) etc whose characters were utilised well.

What I liked the most about the story is the presence of short poems in the beginning of each chapter. You should not miss reading Chapter 17 in particular. You will understand the importance of it when you read the novel.

By the way, what threat did these powerful so called Agrians faced? What made their powers so ineffective?
Who is Martin Krooger?
Who saved them from these threat?

Buy the novel today to enjoy this good novel. The book is available in Amazon.


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