Confused Bastards

Title - Confused Bastards
Author - Manav Vigg
Publisher - Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Cover Designer - Kanupriya Gupta
ISBN - 978-93-82665-77-9

This story is so amazingly unique and different. It revolves around various aspects in the society. I must also admit that this story can very well fit into being made into a movie.

I read this from start till the end without a break as it was intriguing with each and every chapter. The story revolves around three friends namely

Aakash Srivastava - son of an IAS Officer
Jai Chaddha - Telecom Sector Employee
Vivek Sharma - an Investment Banker

Though they were from different background and was placed well in their respective position/jobs, they wanted to venture into something due to the growing discontent in their life with various things like financial commitment, divorce etc.,

Jai falls in love with Sneha after meeting her in an unusual incident. In another incident Aakash gets slapped by a girl in a party as he tried to be too flirty. That night when three friends got to meet together, Jai got a spark that eventually led to creating a online portal where users can vent their anger through videos.

As the idea was novel, it finds investors too in no time and they were off to a flying start. However destiny had other plans. Their website has to be shut down. They also met a person in the meanwhile who made them work out something unusual. The end result was unexpected.

What happens in the end is a picture perfect climax. Who helped these guys? Were they able to bring back their website online?

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