A Knotty Affair

Title -  A Knotty Affair
Author - Dhaval Birajdar Jinadatt
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Frog Books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Cover - Shynu K
Layouts - Logiciels Info Solutions Pvt Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-52016-24-2

A simple novel with a powerful message.

Viraj Sargaokar, a person who had a stammering voice in his schooling days was in love with Ruhi. Ruhi did not approve it as she was seeing Siddhesh.

Devastated by her decision, Viraj had to take some counselling class where he manages to come out of the depression and scoring top marks in his schooling and college. Since Ruhi was always in his mind, he did not show any interest when it comes to getting married.

In the meanwhile, his dad Prof Gaokar had to face some disciplinary action in his workplace for the crime he did not commit.

Ruhi also comes back in Viraj's life after 14 years.

Did Viraj manage to get justice for his dad and did he get to marry Ruhi?

You must find out by buying this interesting book because trust me, author has delivered it so beautifully with simple sequence of events. Stories like this will make youngsters to be prepared to face the world strong and brave without being feeling let down because you would understand yourself when you read the story as to how the transformation happens for Viraj.

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