The Soul Charmer

Title - The Soul Charmer
Author - Richa Saxena
Publisher - Half Baked Beans

This is a collection of meticulously written 35 poems which touches upon various aspects in the life of a woman. It brings forth in front of us, the emotions faced by her as a daughter,wife, mother and so on.

What makes this book special is the way the poems were written. It would appeal to your senses as it was written touching upon various aspects which most of you would have faced or experienced in your real life.

I am actually in a fix as I am unable to identify which one is the best among all because each and every poem is unique and conveys a message in a distinctive way. However I have these two poems as my favourites among the whole lot "She is the Girl" and "Seasons of Love".

If you love reading poems, this is one book you should not miss it at any cost. The book is available in Amazon as a eBook. Click here to buy.