Finding Juliet

Title - Finding Juliet
Author - Toffee
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Cover Design - Wasim Helal
ISBN - 978-93-82665-85-4

Do you love Erotica?
Do you love Romance?
Do you love Emotions?

If your answer is YES, Finding Juliet is the perfect answer for this.

By the way, meet the dumbest person on earth Arjun who could never realise until the end as to what the true love is.

This book by Taufeeq Ahmed would rekindle the school and college day memories in most of the guys for sure. I was not an exception as well. If someone says they have not experienced it, they are for sure lying. Kudos to the author in bringing out the memories in a subtle way. 

Arjun fails to understand the women psychology and he fails not once but thrice in his love which includes the likes of Aditi, Shraddha and Neha. He could not figure out as to why this was the case. He meets Krish in Bangalore after shifting from Hyderabad as he loses his parents in a tragic bomb blast.

Krish transforms Arjun into a different guy. He becomes a lyricist, hunk and what not.. Girls starts falling for his fame and appearance but still there was a sense of melancholy lurking on him. He had a good friend all the while called Anjali and she also hinted getting close to a person senior to her.

Arjun feels that he was lost in lust and not in true love when he finds even Krish had a failed love affair and so as his flamboyant manager. Did he manage to find his true love is what this story is all about.

The story will make you feel from all aspects. I finished this story in one stretch as it was beautifully crafted with perfect coincidence of events with characters that has supported the story well.

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