Grow with Fivestar

I along with fellow bloggers had an opportunity to visit the Five Star outlet in Besant Nagar. The showroom is located in Besant Avenue near Royal Enfield showroom.

Unlike other places which operates on kiosks model, this place is a dine-in place. It has a facility to accommodate even 15 people at a time.

What items did we get to taste?

1. Crunchy Masala

2. Thai Crispy

3. Hot 'n' Smokey

4. Chilli Nuggets

5. Spicy Fingers

6. Chicken Popcorn

7. Hungry Bird Burger

While we see about the food items in a while, I would talk about the store. The store offers a free wi-fi and payment can be made via JdPay. The store is available on Swiggy which means one can place online orders too.

Needless to say, the store is present on Zomato as well.  Do leave your review about the store.

What are the take away from the event?

There were few. Firstly we had an opportunity to taste the above mentioned delicacies and needless to say the taste remains the same ever since I had it which dates back to 2015. This shows the brand's commitment towards maintaining the standard and quality.

How is this possible?

The reason is simple. The brand which is a part of the global conglomerate CP Foods which is head quartered in Thailand and has over 7000 outlets in 9 countries namely Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh and India believes in 3 aspects:

1. Great Taste
2. Best Quality and
3. Great Value

The brand does not source chicken from outside but get it raised in their own poultry farm in Chittoor. The chicken gets distributed before sunrise to all the outlets which means whatever you eat is as fresh as they are. One should make a note that because of this, the chicken are not frozen enabling them to maintain its taste. This makes them say proudly that they adapt to "Farm to Food" methodology.

The chicken which is served is Halal Certified. Hence any one can eat it without any second thoughts.

Coming to the food:

Each and every item we ate were prepared and is unique with regards to its taste. The Thai Crispy is for those who wanted less spicy chicken an with international taste whereas hot 'n' smokey is just for Indian consumers. Chicken popcorn is a hit among youngsters because once you eat it, you will not go elsewhere.

Spicy fingers are prepared with chicken and binders are used to hold the grind which may include soy flour. Chilli nuggets are unique as they give you the feeling of eating a chicken paw. Crunchy Masala and Hungry Bird Burgers are the other delicacies which the brand is known for.

As mentioned above, the chicken would be delivered along with the ingredients/mix that would go in the making of the food item to ensure uniform taste across all the outlets. Only the preparation is done at the store.

We took few snaps inside and outside the outlet.

What makes Five Star special?

The brand operates on its own not depending on raw materials from other vendors hence making it possible to price their products low. A birthday party can be host for as less as Rs.1,000 covering 8-10 people either at the store or at your home.

The brand is also looking at expanding its base in Chennai and other parts of South India. The new model which they have come up will enable any one who is willing to put in their hard work and with a small investment of 6 lakhs onwards, can own up a franchisee where all the support like branding, staff training support, customer handling, set up of infrastructure and food items would be given by the brand.

You need not have to own a huge place. Even a mere 80-100 sq.ft space is enough to take up the franchise and at an expected profit after overheads pegging at approx 30%, one could take back their investment in 3 years max which means anything after that is just your profits, completely.

What more you are waiting for? If you do not want to work under some one and has the will to put in your hard work and want to be your own boss, join hands with the leading brand Five Star and grow with them.