Review: Wonder Woman(2017)

I am a superhero lover and for that case, I love all the characters which came from Marvel and DC Comics. I am a great fan of Avengers and Justice League too and had a chance to watch Wonder Woman in comics. As soon as I herd that the movie is getting released, without any hesitation, I booked two tickets - one for my mom and one for myself. I could not do the same for my better half since she was out of town, I always appreciate "Woman" and "Woman Power" and after watching the movie, I became a Super Fan of "Wonder Woman" too - read it as both - Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot.

Firstly, a big round of applause for Patty Jenkins who gave us such a nice movie. The movie unlike its contemporary is simple to understand and follow. There were no complications whatsoever and so much of hi-fi sci-fi. The movie was set in the mid 1900's probably during the World War II when Germany was at its prime.

Wonder Woman who was called Diana in the movie did not knew about her history. All she knew was her mother and her aunt(mother's sister) and they lived in a mystical island which was not visible to the outsiders until one day Diana witnesses a plane crashing on the ocean. She rescues the pilot who was a spy by name Steve Trevor. As mentioned by her mother, Diana wanted to find out Ares, the War God and destroy him. She loses her aunt in the meanwhile which makes her angry and wanted to put an end to all the bad things.

Despite her mother's intervention, she sets on a journey to find him. Did she manage to find him is what the story is all about. The movie was so good that for the fist time ever, I could hear audience whistling, clapping and cheering whenever the heroine made the appearance.

Gal Gadot did complete justification to her role. She was absolutely stunning and hen she doned the suit to look like a normal person, she was so graceful. During the action scenes, she was equally fierce. She did complete justification to her role without any doubt, Chris Pine did a perfect supporting role. My mom was completely satisfied with the movie. A must watch for all - especially for kids and Woman.

Rating - 10/10


This was one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen. Gal Gadot was simply brilliant.