Book Review - Her Wounds Hurt Him

Title - Her Wounds Hurt Him
Author - Aiman Parween
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - BlueRose publishers
ISBN - 978-1-64008-870-2

A simple story with a powerful message. I wouldn't mention anything about it because it would turn to be a definite spoiler. I liked the way, the story was written but the editing bit could have been better. Having said that, I always give weightage to the story line and not to the language as long as I grasp the content.

This story is about how a chirpy girl Dhani's life turns into nightmare and how she faces it bravely. The story is a common scenario in India which either gets neglected or made mockery of which should be addressed on priority so that occurrence of such unfortunate events can be avoided. After all, we Indians love our Mother Country and give due respect to women.

The book is available on Amazon.