Book Review : Love Buddy - Is Love Worth The Wait??

Title - Love Buddy - Is Love Worth The Wait
Author - Zahir Chauhan
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - StoryMirror
ISBN - 978-93-86305-27-5

Zahir has penned a story which is so compelling. I am also very much sure that many of us would have been in the dilemma or the situation that was portrayed in the story in such an effective way. I can confidently say that this is my story, this is your story or rather, this is our story.

We all would have had an experience of first time love or would have at least been a witness of someone falling into it. The experience can be correlated only by those who had felt this feeling and for those who haven't, fret not, this novel can sill make you understand that.

The story begins with bunch of friends Samar,Anika, Nijo, Rajat and last but not the least, the protagonists Kabir Shroff and Kashish Khan. While these friends come together after a while for the engagement of Samar and Anika, things start turning against them. They face lock-up.

Why did this happen?
Who was responsible?

Around this time, Kabir understood that he loved Kashish but did not had the guts or rather the intuition to tell her(may I say propose?) but now Kashish is already in love. She was in love with Prithvi but still had soft corner for Kabir.

What has happened in the end is a perfect way to conclude the story. The story line may be the same or the usual stuff but the way it was written gives a uniqueness to it as a whole. I am sure the readers will not be disappointed. Give it a read today.

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