Book Review - The Three Psychos

Title - The Three Psychos
Author - Yash Pawaskar
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Dimple Publication
ISBN - 978-93-86469-04-5

A novel attempt by the author where in he has penned a story which comprises of three characters. While the first character Alexander Silva gets stuck inside somewhere which says DE22912 and he tries his level best to understand what it is all about and where and how he got struck. It gets decoded in the end for him and that is where the real suspense is.

The second story was where Amol aka Patient No.9 gets stuck in a hospital where he keeps meeting a secret creature from the other planet. He finally gets an hint as to what that is. Did he manage to save the earth from the brink of extinction?

The third one is about Aakash getting a gun fully loaded(6 bullets) as soon as he turns 16 and what he does with that becomes a nightmare. 

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very good attempt of portraying three different characters in a complete different set up and when they come together in the end, it would make you even more surprised. A perfect way to spend your weekend to read a completely different genre which would not have been read by you, at least in the recent times.

The book is available on Amazon.