My granny & some evergreen memories

Some would be lucky to have been raised by grandparents from both the sides - Mother and Father. I wasn't lucky enough from my father's side since his dad passed away many years before my birth and my granny passed away when I was hardly 5 year and hence I do not have much to recollect or remember about her though I remember her face.

However I was lucky to have been raised by my grandparents from my mother's side. They were simply the best atleast till I was grown up to some extent. They showered me with their unconditional love since I was the first baby boy born for their kids. I use to sleep between them and I have always been very fond of both of them.

I still remember, when I use to get annual holidays, my grandpa use to come to my place travelling all the way from his place, the very same day to pick me up and go. He use to get me the best food and chocolate and whatever I wished. I till remember a huge air plane balloon he bought for me which I kept it for years since it was made of special material and I was very fond of bakery biscuits and those days, they would come in a bicycle or tricycle. As soon as I hear the noise, I would turn around to see my grandpa who would immediately call the cyclewala and get me my favourite sweet biscuits. I could also very well recollect my very first proper cricket bat which was gifted to me by my grandpa when I passed my 10th Standard public exams which I used it carefully for almost a decade.

Even though I have a dozen of much expensive bats with few of them being autographed by cricket teams and top players including Sachin,Ganguly and Sehwag, nothing could match the bat which my grandpa bought for me. I would have celebrated this day in an even grandeur manner since I am earning handsome now but my grandpa is no more. He passed away some 15 years back when I was in my final year in my college.

Before I proceed further sharing my experiences further, kindly take a look at this beautiful video.

I do remember the days I and my grandpa use to go alone for the movies and he giving me company in playing indoor games like carrom, chess, cards etc to name a few. I also use to get him his favourite beeda whenever he came to my place and also ground nuts which has become a routine for me to consume during my childhood which I think is responsible for my healthy body even now. I have learnt lot of good things from him including timeliness, cleanliness and being well behaved. I use to massage him and he use to give me few rupees with which I use to buy plastic toys back then. Those days were gone. I will never get them back.

I only have my grandma now and she too stays very far away from my place. She has become more fragile now and hardly comes to my place. I was happy when she came to my home last month (August) and stayed there for a week. I bought her, her favourite food. As a kid, she got me all I wanted and I felt it was time to reciprocate. I am sure she would still remember the good old days just like I did....

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