MannKiBaat with Youngsters

Dear PM,

At the outset, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for being an untiring and demanding PM who has led the party with iron fists till date. It is easy to comment from outside and only those who are in the receiving end would know as to how much difficult it is, in reality.

You have never shied away from your responsibilities and have always faced the criticism on a positive note. Those who criticised about your foreign trips themselves are the one who have abused their position earlier. Your trip came with lot of benefits like foreign investments, deals and collaborations which were concealed nicely by those hypocrites.

Well, the entire world knows about your functionality style and I, being a citizen need not have to talk about it or glorify it any further. What I am looking forward is this:

There are 100's and 1000's of youngsters who have got lot of brilliant ideas. These ideas wouldn't have occurred even in the brightest minds of IAS officers since their concentration is mostly on the daily administration and their own performance since they cannot sit on their laurels anymore. These youngsters voice often go unnoticed. I understand that there is an app developed by your team which promises of "Being Heard" but how far it is heard is certainly a question here. Since those ideas are at the mercy of the team who handles it, some o the core ideas may not be reaching you at all. This is the fact and this is the reality.

We know that you conduct a #MannKiBaat session once in a month where you appear on TV or voice it over Radio which isn't a two-way communication. A communication gets its real success and is complete only when it is TWO-WAY. While it would always be good for you to continue with the MannKiBaat, I would like to request you to conduct a one to one or a group session with the youngsters at least once in a month so that you would get to know about their mind and some revolutionary ideas. The Prime Ministers who served us earlier weren't least bothered about this but I am writing to you with fullest confidence that you would do something about this.

Thanks and Regards,
Sarath Babu S
A Humble Citizen