Saving water is the need of the hour

WATER is the essence of Life. It has influenced even the great civilisations to change their place of dwelling since during those days, almost all the civilisations started at flourished at the banks of some great rivers.

While the World War has happened for various reasons, lot of them had predicted that, if there is another World War ever, it would happen only because of water which shows the importance that the water has been commanding for a while now. India has had trouble with regards to saving the water effectively and efficiently. We are still in disputes with out neighbouring nations like Pakistan and China with regards to water sharing from the great or evergreen rivers like Indus and Brahmaputra.

China is busy in building a major dam across Brahmaputra and once that is complete, it can stop major part of water flowing into the eastern part of India though it has denied it. While, let us not concentrate on rivers that is flowing outside India, it is time to divert our attention towards the one which is flowing inside our nation.

We are very much aware of the fact that we still have not taken any major steps in preventing these crucial rivers sources getting dried. We do also most part of them to go and get submerged with the ocean in the yet. 

What steps have we taken to prevent this?

Literally nothing...

We talk about lot of things but we end up spending more water than we have got. The consequences, though isn't immediate can be felt within a century. It would for sure affect the future generation as we would leave them a place which has had no water. Do we need this to happen? I am sure we don't wanted that to happen. It is time to Save Water.

Let us all come together to create the awareness within our surroundings and make it spread across the nation. It all begins with a small talk and effort. There are lot of causes happening around us. Saving Water is the most important one.

I am joining the Initiative by Livpure in saving water and I have already signed the petition too to bring in the change. Will you be joining me?