Memory that would be etched forever

We all love being photographed. Don't we? Gone are the days where one has to here the services of a photographer who would carry so many heavy gadgets to get the pics clicked and that would take ages to get developed into a hard copy and reach us in the album. With the advent of latest technology, we could get immediate prints if we used a Polaroid camera. However, this may not be good or preferred by all.

The introduction of mobile phone changed the entire scenario. They came initially with rear cameras with lesser megapixels. When the technology progressed, we saw the introduction of front camera with relatively low megapixels. Selfie did not caught up as soon as this feature was introduced but when it did, it spread like wildfire. People literally started clicking selfies anywhere and everywhere. Not all could get the quality they wanted due to various reasons and limitations. While some could not afford the phones which were real expensive, some weren't aware of how to use this feature effectively and even if they did, the camera came with various limitations.

Take a look at one of my favorite selfie

This was clicked when I along with my spouse and her cousin had been to Sunny Leone's LIVE Event near my place. This selfie was special for various reasons:

1. My better half's cousin came to our place for the first time after her wedding.
2. We all witnessed Sunny Leone's performance for the very first time which also saw Actress Andreah Jeremiah performing too.
3. Though we were given a V.I.P Pass, we got it upgraded to V.V.I.P Pass for all of us.
4. We had a lovely evening watching the performance for close to 3 hours before heading back to my place.
5. The selfie was clicked in Black & White purposely since we wanted to carry on this memory for decades.

Could the above pic been captured better?

Well. Certainly Yes, if I had Mobiistar mobile phone. 


The phone comes with an incredible dual Selfie Camera(which we have seen till date only on the rear side) which enables us to capture a 120° wide-angle shot.

When you get to shoot a selfie which covers such a wide angle, the experience what you would get would be unmatched for sure. Wouldn't you agree?

How I wish I had this phone back then which would have made the pic look even more better. Nevertheless, all I could do is to wait until it arrives and when it did, I wouldn't be thinking twice to place the order immediately. You too can grab one for you to capture those evergreen memories by visiting http://mobiistar.in/ and Mobiistar on Flipkart.


That's a nice selfie, Sarath, and a lovely story behind it. Love how this selfie has been taken for posterity and will precisely serve the purpose it has been clicked for.

Best wishes for the contest!
Regards, Ragini
Interesting how the selfie looks beautiful and mysterious, Nikita. And you so right about letting go…it indeed is the best decision sometimes.
Best wishes for the contest. I have shared some of my favourite selfies here –