Book Review - The Last Seychelles Flame

Title - The Last Seychelles Flame
Author - Medha Nagur
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Amazon KDP

A beautiful love story that revolves around two characters Adrija Agte and Omkar Arora. 

Adrija always dreamed high though her family conditions did not support her to pursue her dream course. She took up her passion - Photography against the wishes of her father and aai. She strikes a job in Mumbai with a reputed firm. With hardly any money, she lands there and due to her good work, she gets a chance to fly to Seychelles.

In the meanwhile, she meets her ex-boyfriend in Mumbai. He continues to be authoritative and tries to meddle up with her life but when she flies to Seychelles, she meets Om who seemed to be more supportive.

Due to the haunting memories of her ex, she lands up in trouble losing her job.

Did she attain her dream goal?
Did she get support from Om?
What was the background of Om?
Did she get rd of her ex-BF?

Read the book to find answers for all the above questions.

The story has brought the emotions of a girl who gets stuck in between - memories of ex-BF and a new found love. The wordings were simple yet appealing. The sequence of events were real good which would make you to sit and read it at once.

The book is available on Amazon