Book Review - Pimp In The Pulpit

Title - Pimp In The Pulpit
Author - Thomas Leslie McRae
Genre - Non Fiction
Publisher - Eber & Wein Publishing
ISBN - 978-1-60880-560-0

This is a story happening in the Canadian-American family where the family members comes together to celebrate the birthday of the eldest person in the family Lillian McBride aka Lucifer. She was turning 95 and few of them, if not all wanted to celebrate it in a grand manner.

The story revolves around her daughter, son, grandchildren and so on that you could feel that you are reading about something which has happened/happening in your family. There were way too many characters and since I am not good in family tree, I am not discussing about them in detail here.

The story is a vivid representation of how people would react irrespective of sharing relationship with others especially when it comes to the involvement of monetary obligation. This story is a testimonial to the fact that the family feud is common in every part of the world irrespective of culture and customs. 

Read the story to find out as to whether the birthday party has happened as planned and you would also get to find out as to who the "Pimp In The Pulpit" is :-)

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