Book Review - Still Loved Still Missed

Title - Still Loved Still Missed
Author - Mridula
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - NotionPress
ISBN - 978-1-64546-663-5

This is a collection of short stories and a poem by Mridula. What is special about this book is it features the stories which aren't usual. When I say this,  I mean it. There were 14 short stories and a poem and each one differs from one another in terms of emotions, message it wanted to convey and the style/appeal quotient.

This would be loved by the readers who seeks a change in the pattern of the stories, most of the times. The stories revolves around Sepal, a Dog, a Soul, a Spider, break up to name a few.

Each and every story has a deep meaning and the intricate details has been captured to the maximum extent possible. It would make you think and ponder over these things and as to how the scenario differs from one to another. 

Read the book and I am sure you would appreciate the content and the efforts of the author who wanted to show a variation in her writing with each and every story.

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