How To Choose A Bracelet From Pearls: Fashion Trends And Products With Their Own Hands

There are jewellery that can bring a touch of sophistication to any image. This includes the bracelet made from black and white pearls. The accessory made of natural material looks elegant and stylish. It will suit women of any age.
Original models will complement the business image or decorate an evening dress. You can make a beautiful bracelet from beads and pearls yourself by viewing braceletworld.

The formation of pearl mineral takes about 10 years. It is obtained from small grains of sand or a pebble that falls inside the shell, and the clam envelops it in layers of nacre in order to protect it.

Natural Pearl

Products with mother of pearl stones are attributed magical and healing properties. It is believed that it helps to reduce pressure, helps with kidney disease, and even recommended for pregnant women. Astrologers advise to wear a necklace and a bracelet made from pearls, as such jewelry brings happiness. You can wear an accessory with gold or silver.

There is some information about the pearl stone:

1.     It happens to be cultured and natural.
2.     For the first time it was used by the Chinese more than 40 centuries ago.
3.     You can find different configurations, shapes - oval, drop, sphere and hemisphere.
4.     Rare phenomenon of accrete stones.
5.     There are many varieties of varieties: Akoya, Tahitian, southern seas, Cortes, Mabe ...

How to choose the right decoration

Pearl decor with any ornament should not sit too tightly on the arm. The accessory fits any look and outfit thanks to a neutral colour palette. This is a necessary item in the wardrobe, because it fits well in any style.

Looks great gold bracelet with pearl pearls. He draws attention to himself and is an excellent accent in the ensemble.

In products rarely found natural sea or <a href="http://www.greatriver.com/pearls.htm/">River Pearls</a>. Often used grown in artificial conditions.

When deciding which one to buy a bracelet made from pearls, one should pay attention to such parameters:

1.     The brilliance of the mineral. The surface should be smooth and reflect the image. The best option - the similarity with the mirror.
2.     The large ones are suitable for necklaces, and the middle ones are for bead and pearl bracelets.
3.     All stones should have a uniform structure so as not to violate the integrity of the decor.Triple bracelet with natural stones
4.     The color palette depends on the color of the skin. A golden one suits a golden tone, olive green - peach, and light pink. Universal version - white color.
5.     The mineral can be natural or artificially colored. Natural grains always have the smallest imperfections.
6.     It is worth considering the black or white version.

It is worth choosing according to individual taste and style. This accessory is suitable as an option for every day. Stylists advise wearing a sea mineral bracelet in combination with metal and leather jewellery. In this case, you can decorate not only hands, but also legs.