Apunka Maharashtra Food Festival at The Square in Novotel,Chennai Sipcot

"Apunka Maharashtra"
Take your palate on a gastronomical journey as you experience Maharashtra on a plate. Come try out the authentic dishes prepared by our Executive chef and a fellow Maratha himself, Chef Rahul Bhale.
Delicacies such as Tambda Rassa from Kohlapur, Shevga Fry from Aurangabad to ukdiche modak of Pune & Vada pav, Keema Pav & Bombay sandwiches tickle your tastebuds with its fresh grounded spices.

What did we have?

We had a wide range of starters before getting into main dish. These includes:

1. Ragi Vadam.
2. Wheat papad (usually this is made with rice but here, they did it with wheat which is the specialty).
3. Prawn Soup(In Maharashtra Style - with Coconut Oil).
4. Bangda Fish gravy(with Pepper).
5. Butter Naan.
6. Butter Garlic Naan.
7. Prawn Biryani(Maharashtra Style).
8. Chicken Gravy.
9. Mutton Gravy(Highly recommended as they were real tender and the masala was mixed well with the flesh).
10. Keema Pav.
11. Desserts which includes Besan Laddoos, Chirotti etc.,

There were other dishes as well in order to cater to the needs of foreigners and others who would prefer a general cuisine.

We had the opportunity to listen to Executive Chef Rahul Bhale, who hails from Maharashtra to talk about the "Apunka Maharashtra" food festival.Take a look at the video below:

You can also take a look at the preparation of Pav Bhaji at this food festival.

Price: Buffet @1250++ on lunch only.
Date: From 18th to 29th November every Monday to Friday
Timing: 12:30pm to 3:00pm
Venue: The Square, Novotel Chennai Sipcot
For reservations call +9189398 08123/33