Book Review - The Love Riots

Title - The Love Riots
Author - DelhiBelly
Genre - Romance(Fiction)

When I saw this book listed on Wattpad, I did not think twice but to pick it up instantly. 


I was intrigued by the title and secondly, the unique cover page and the pseudo name of the author. Moreover, this is the first time ever, I had read a book on one of the world's leading platforms when it comes to stories - Wattpad!

First 9 chapters of the stories were FREE and this would automatically make the readers to pick up the interest to continue further with the remaining parts. Yes. This story comes under the paid section. If you are not herd about this platform or not aware as to how it works, download the app which is available on iOS and on Playstore. You can also access them via your desktop/laptop through the browser. There are hundreds of stories which are available for FREE as well. I paid 30 coins to gain access to the rest of the stories. As you could see from the picture listed above, it would have otherwise cost me 60 coins. I saved 50% of the coins through this deal.

The story has 28 chapters and if you love romance fiction, you would surely fall in love with this story. It revolves around the character Chitra aka Chitralekha who was from an affluent family but takes up the work in a magazine to stand on her own legs. This is where she gets to meet Zahir Hosain who was into teaching Political Science and was also associated with an NGO. While the first meet was about Chitra interviewing Zahir, they take off with their relationship soon after.

One of Chitra's friend was going through testing times whereas Chitra herself lands up in trouble when she comes to know about some trivial information about Zahir.

What was that?

When things starts settling down or being reconciled, a riot breaks up in the locality where the wannabe couples gets attacked by "Love Jihad" mobs. 

Did the romance between Chitra and Zahir survived these?

Read the story to find out more. I was impressed by the writing style of the author which was unique and the characterization was done in such a way that you would not feel bored at any given point but to finish the book in one go. The relationship between the lead characters were portrayed so well that I felt like watching a movie. I am looking forward to more such novels from the author in the coming days.