My Trip to Ooty - Day 2 - 10th Feb 2020

This is Day 2 of my visit to Ooty.

Pine Forest:

Pine Forest is one of the tourist spot attractions in Ooty. An entrance fee of ₹10 is charged per person. Many of the movies were shot here. You could get to see some beautiful sceneries here. There is a lake in the end. You can Siena a good hour or two here as it gives fresh breeze and you could click pics in various angles.

Wenlock Den 9th mile:

This is one of the points you shouldn’t miss when you visit Ooty. It is a shooting spot which has been featured in many Kollywood movies. It can be accessed via a car. You can also travel by 2 wheeler. I have not seen a Govt operated bus plying in this area. The entry fee is ₹20 for the adults(per person).

Pykara waterfalls:

A must visit place when you visit Ooty. This is located outside Ooty. There is no direct bus to this place. Usually tourists take a cab/bus. You would get to see this place as a part of the tour - It starts with golf tour and is complete with this (There is a lake as well after this which offers good scenery. Hence you may not want to miss this).

Usually there is lot of water only when the dam is open. Otherwise there isn’t much water.

Battery operated car is operated inside since you need to walk close to half a kilometre. You may avail the service if you need.

Entry fee of ₹10 per person is charged which goes towards the welfare of the tribal people. This is the case with most of the tourist attractions.

Ooty lake:

This is a must visit, if you’re visiting Ooty. You can reach this place through 2/4 wheeler. You can even go by walk from the main bus stand, if you wish to.

They have few types of boat available - Pedal, Row, Motor boat. You need to pay a caution deposit for each of them which is refundable.

Slots are divided into 30 mins slab. You can leisurely enjoy the ride. Life jackets are a must for each ride. You would surely enjoy the ride.