Other Places in Ooty to visit

Below are some of the places you may consider visiting.

Ooty bus stand:

This is the place you need to be, if you wanted to travel to Coonoor,Kothagiri or to other parts of Tamilnadu.

The bus stand is very neatly maintained. There is a shade with enough number of chairs which you can use to take rest until your bus arrives.

This is a no litter zone. Usage of plastic is also banned in Ooty. So, please be aware as it attracts fine.

Toy train:

Traveling from Ooty to Mettupalayam or Coonoor to  Mettupalayam is something you shouldn’t miss it. It costs just ₹100 + taxes for Reserved compartment. 2 people can sit in a row. There are two rows.

You can get a nice view on either sides. 

Travel time is close to 2.5 hours.

You would enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills & valleys coupled with tunnels & falls. 

The train will stop in one place for the water to be filled up since it’s a Steam Engine. 

Kids will thoroughly enjoy it.

Hotel Ramachandra:

If you wanted to taste some amazing North Indian delicacy, this is the restaurant you need to check into (in Coonoor). This is very close to the bus stand. 

The rates differ here.

It is almost 50% costlier on the first floor when compared to the ground floor but when it comes to quality & service, there is no complaints whatsoever.

We ordered Wellington Parotta, Chicken 65, Chicken Biryani & Fried Rice, Chicken gravy. They all tasted real good. The quantity was also filling. There was generous amount of chicken on all the dishes. Do not miss it.

Hotel Blue Hills:

We were highly recommended of this place by our family friends and hence visited this restaurant when we were in Ooty.

There are no regrets except the portion of the food. The orders were served in no time.

We ordered Wellington Parotta & Chicken Biryani. The taste was really good. Parotta is stuffed with Mutton Kheema which was cooked well. They were cut into 4 portions.

Biryani was little cold since we arrived around 3.30pm. Hence no complaint (though it should have been hotter even by then). I would still visit this place again when I go there next time.