Book Review - Our Love Story

Title - Our Love Story
Author - Rohit Sharma
Genre - Fiction(Romance)
Publisher - Finger Print Publishing
ISBN - 978-9389717-433

The book is nothing short of a pure love story which is weaved with emotions and emotions alone.The writing style was so lucid and the flow was flawless. I initially thought about mentioning couple of pages - Pg no 64 and 65 as I found it appealing but the pages that followed later were equally good. Hence there is no specific mention about any pages, whatsoever.

The story has a great potential to be made into a movie. The start was a bit slow but yes, you cannot expect anything from a romantic story which usually take its time to gather pace and momentum. After the first few pages, you would feel like getting grabbed into the book by the two major characters - Aditya Bakshi aka Adi and Veronica Johnson aka VJ.

They meet at an unusual place and an instant spark happens. Adi was from an affluent family whereas VJ has come to Mumbai to join the fashion industry which has evaded her from getting the opportunities.However things take a different turn after her meeting with Adi.

Adi's father Vikramjeet Bakshi never showed any love towards his son. When an unforeseen event happens, it makes him understand as to how ruthless he was, as a father.

Will he make amends with his son?
What happens to VJ?

Read this gripping novel which made me cry - not in one or two instances but throughout the story due to mixed emotions - happiness, love, affection.

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Thank you Sarath :) I am glad you liked my work.