Book Review - Sri Sampann

Title - Sri Sampann
Author - Shri Rampuria
Genre - Self Help(Business)
Publisher - Sparrow Publication
ISBN - 978-81-89140-87-8

There are lot of books out there which talks about how to earn money but hardly there is any which talks about preserving it. This is one of those books which talks about lot of aspects - spiritual or otherwise. The facts that were mentioned in the books were of natural occurrence and not something which has to be done out of the way.

I loved the cover of the book to start with. It had Lotus blooms which is a symbol of prosperity. While we concentrate mostly on earning, what do we do to deserve it or most importantly, use it in the righteous manner is something we lack. The book talks about lot of aspects like Opulence, Happiness, Splendour, Grace, Joy, Zest, Success and Goodness.

I can say the book has a pointer for each of us. I review restaurants and there is a message even for me. In Page 65, author mentions about how paying a restaurant bill shouldn't be considered as a spending but the one which gives wonderful returns in terms of good food and fantastic satisfaction which would result in beautiful mindset and a healthy body. 

I would recommend you to read 5 to 10 pages a day or one topic per day to grasp the contents as it is. Not everything may be put to use but most of them could which could see you turn around your fortune tables. Yes, this book is even for those who consider themselves as unlucky.

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