Book Review - Office Break: An Attempt on Image Based Poetic Snippets to Provoke Laugh & Thought during Office Break

Title - Office Break : An attempt on image based poetic snippets to provoke laugh & thought during office break
Poet - G K Esitha
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Umayavel

A collection of real thought provoking poems. I would say this is a novel attempt since this is the first time, I am coming across a genre which is filled up with fun coupled with some great imagination. A story can be written on these lines but not the poems since it is real difficult to conceive the wordings and most importantly, the flow.

Each and every poem has a picture which would make you think otherwise because our human brains are designed in such a way that we always try to connect the dots. I did the same trying to connect the title with the picture but I realized that I was incorrect, each and every time.

Do not miss the foreword for sure. Each of the title were intriguing. I loved all the poems but would like to highlight some of them in particular which includes "Cappuccino with..", "The Fire Fight", "The New Car", International Calls", "Screen Sharing", "Work From Home"among others. These poems were very much drawn from our day to day activities and if you are a employee, irrespective of what job you do, I am sure you would be able to connect most of these poems with your day t day life and these poems will surely make you smile, if not laugh. 

I would certainly recommend this book. It is worth your time and money.

This book is available on Amazon in the kindle format.