Book Review - Waves, Sand & Magic


Title - Waves, Sand & Magic
Author - Neeraja Kona
Genre - Poems
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-64850-968-1

This book is a collection of 101 poems which would make you read them over and over again. I could see the difference(in terms of approach) in each and every poem though the subject is more or less the same. When you write so many poems, it is always difficult to maintain the rhythm/tempo but Neeraja has not failed to impress with each and every poem showing the consistency.

Though I would like to mention all the poems, I would not do it because it is you - the readers who need to buy a copy, to appreciate her writing. If only I wasn't married, I might have used some of them to woo my girl( of course with the permission of the author) .

Among all of them, I liked these poems(in no particular order):

1. Movie
2. Dare
3. Feel
4. One Word
5. Blur
6. Only You
7. Airport
8. Hand
9. Simplicity
10. Not
11. Choose
12. Us
13. Warning
14. Lovers and
15. Tattoo

I wouldn't be mentioning all the above poems but only couple of them here and give some description about a few.

3. Feel

"I feel your presence in your absence" Me

15. Tattoo

"Tattoos are like a road map
To a story untold
Of a story once lived"

Don't they appeal to your senses and invoke interest automatically to read all of them? It did to me and I finished reading them all in one stretch.

Each poem is accompanied by a beautiful and a thought provoking picture which perfectly complements the poem as is as beautiful as the poem itself.

I felt deeply moved by the poem "Airport" since it made me realize what I was missing all these days(as I was a frequent flyer prior to the lock down) and I am sure, it would do the similar thing to your senses as well.

The usage of "Me" at the end of each poem also has a significance. Read the epilogue to find our more about this.

A perfect attempt by the author which would surely appeal to all who love poems or the ones who love reading content about LOVE/EMOTIONS and is a perfect gift material especially during the V-Day. Mark it on your wish list on Amazon so that you can order them just before that day.

This book is available on Amazon