Press Release-Ampas Art Gallery presents PERSEVERANCE 2020, An Online Group Show Curated by Neelam Malhotra

Ampas Art Gallery presents PERSEVERANCE 2020,An Online show curated by Neelam Malhotra the exhibition showcases artworks of more than 20 artists. The show is an attempt to weave together some sensitive works of art and bring them forth to invoke thought and contemplation. The show starts from 1st October and is on till 30th November. 



Curated by:Neelam Malhotra 

Date: 1st October to 30th November 2020

Timings: 11 am - 7pm


You can visit the online show at  www.ampasartgallery.com/web/




The world has been struggling to keep some normalcy and to deal with the losses that have been sustained over the last few months every industry has offered and most of all humanity. Neelam Malhotra- The curator of Ampas Art gallery says that” For most artists sustainability is not easy and they have to struggle during the formative years here is where curators and galleries comment come in but as the pandemic escalated the entire system suffered a huge setback necessity is the mother of invention people to find new ways to display the creativity and to reach out people over other avenues that could be possible without physical contact the online options we have seen a Surge of online shows curation stock webinars conducted by various galleries curators an artist they has been a lot of effort that has been put into staying relevant..”


"The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home."

— Carl Sagan


We are a newly evolved civilization. Only recently we have invented "Technology" it hasn't been that long but from the time we began we have come a long way it may seem like a long time if you look at it as compared to our life spans but looking at the history of Civilization it is a very short period in date this technology may have developed faster then we did, we may think the world of ourselves but the truth is  close at hand now - as the world struggles to find a cure order means to control a tiny virus we realize that we really aren't all that award we really have a very long way to go if we I want humanity you carry on longer than the sun survive it is not going to be easy but we have to start somewhere start with understanding and compassion it is not just discoveries and inventions it is also love, kindness and compassion for each other and for all life.



Here is an attempt to weave together some sensitive works of art and bring them forth in this exhibition to invoke thought and contemplation


Participating artist 

Amit Harit

Ashok Gulati

Debraj Goswami

Devidas Agase

Deepak  Khandelwal

Gaurvi Sharma

Kavita Jaiswal

Sukesan Kanka

Pratul Dash

Rajendra Kapse

Yashvant Singh

Ashok Gulati

Ashok Gulati says that “There is a certain meditative quality in my work. A quest into the unknown. I try to reach  out through the mind’s eye to go beyond the and into the transcendental. My imagery is simple yet mature, with a certain positivity towards the world and all life on it.”

Yashvant Singh

Yashvant SIngh says that I manifest the innermost emotions onto work surfaces, writing in a language which is my very own, a script of the mind, spontaneous with my deepest feelings. I work with elements and symbols witnessed in the tribal community around me during my growing years, its rituals, telling of stories of the ancestors and tales of deities narrated in gatherings. I instinctively began to incorporate them into my visual language.’’

Rajendra Kapse

Kapse says that “In life he has successfully blended this essence of his being into his work being a natural performer too. All my works invoke satire raising serious issues by means of my performative  imagery. The approach is candid and refreshingly bold and has been referred to as a“funny” artist because of the motif of the self icon with a clownish appearance that has all kinds of funny gestures. The imagery blended in my self portrait is done in  calendar art style. 

Pratul Dash

Pratul Dash says “being a committed artist I have been working towards creating awareness about climate change, from the time when it was not such an acknowledged or prevalent topic. I have worked with many media, paintings, drawings, photography, video art…. and has done various site specific installations and performances to draw attention to the anthropocene. Climate change has now started to have very real impacts on the everyday lives of people around the globe, rising temperatures, floods, forest fires and many more that begin to threaten human existence as we have been used to for hundreds of years of recorded histories. Art has an important role to play in bringing awareness toward such neglect.”

Devidas Agase

Devidas talks about  how his work is intense and sensitive, he is concerned about climate change, socio-economic difficulties faced by farming communities, and their dependence on natural resource for their crops and cultivation, even so their own survival, despite the global technological advancements and the unthinkable wealth of the few