Gain Knowledge and Win assured Coursera Codes worth US$800 with IBM’s Digital Developer Conference


IBM has been conducting the Digital Developer Conference on a regular basis. Those who has taken part in their previous year’s activities or those who are regular in their #CallForCode campaign or those who follow their social media pages would know this for sure.

Cloud was the theme for last year and for this year, it is Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). For a software programmer/developer, this event is like a ritual since this sees the participation from all over the country with bright minds trying to compete with each other, in their respective domain.

I was lucky to be a participant of The Hindu Businessline and The Weather Company (an IBM Company) conference on how the weather impacts the business and how does AI help them to overcome the shortfalls and unexpected events. This event saw the participation from industry stalwarts which included DR R S Sodhi, Chairman of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) which owns the brand Amul and Mr P C Musthafa, CEO and Co-Founder of ID fresh foods. The discussion gave some great insights on how these major brands being in the Dairy and Fresh Foods industry which are highly perishable and with lesser shelf life overcome the hurdles with the help of AI. Mr Musthafa said that they have the data of the past 10 years wherein they know as to how many packs of their brand would be sold in a particular shop on a particular day. This helps them to avoid wastage/returns. Their returns are pegged at just 2% in Bengaluru. This shows how AI helps them in leveraging the data.

The above example was given just to give a bigger picture as to how the technology could be put to great use. Now that we have the Digital Developer Conference coming up on 24th November, 2020, there is no better time or better platform to showcase your skills in this field. This would not only help you to bring it to reality, the ideas you have conceived which could help the community in a much bigger and better way.

You may ask, “What’s in it for me”?

This is where, it gets even more interesting. To start with, you could get a Date & AI Essentials badge. All you need to do is to visit the site and perform these steps:

· Successful completion of a face-to-face Data & AI Essentials workshop delivered by the IBM Client Developer Advocate team, which includes hands-on labs.

· OR

·  Take the online course Data & AI Essentials Workshop offered on Cognitive Class.

· Complete and pass the badge quiz on Cognitive Class. (Note: The quiz link is made available at the end of the face-to-face class or at the end of the online course).

Post this, flaunt the badge on your website/cv and on your social media channels.

You may keep browsing the site for more info or come back without fail on the 24th of November 2020 when the actual conference happens. Attend it and post completing the conference, you are entitled for a FREE Course on Coursera worth US$800. Can it get any better than this? The courses can be redeemed anytime until March 30,2021. These are the following courses on offer which you can avail.

IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization
IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate
IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
Advanced Data Science with IBM Specialization

This isn’t over yet. The event will see eminent speakers and product specialists which includes:

1.       Aaron Baughman

2.       Bill Higgins

3.       Dale Davis

4.       David Bartram-Shaw

5.       David Carew

6.       Don Scott

7.       Fernando Perez

8.       Francesca Rossi

9.       Greg Bramble among others. Well, the list is real long (almost 35 speakers in total).

      Do you know?

      You can even host a watch party of this conference and watch it along with your friends.

      There is a short video for you to watch to get to know more about this prestigious event.


Most importantly, for the developers, these sessions are made available On-Demand at launch. There is also a competition with Prize Money of US$5000 for Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires. Ge your team together. Register for the Conference and be ready to take the world by storm, with your coding.