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IBM is one of the few companies in this world which engages in empowering the knowledge of its end users. They are constantly innovating thereby adapting themselves to the ever-changing world. They invest heavily in the technology which includes the likes of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block Chain, Machine Learning (ML), Data Science to name a few.

Why is this so important?

Technology has been the frontrunner across various sectors wherein it has helped not just the company which is deploying it but the entire Nation/World to reap the benefits that is arising out of it.

Consider the following examples:

1.    Constructing a building with the help of 3-D Print technology. This has enhanced the speed and the capability of the engineers. The output is more accurate and appealing

2.    Weather Forecasting. Unlike earlier, countries were able to predict the weather and its aftermath more accurately. This helps in averting major disaster by making the nation equipped with all the requirements to combat the storm/floods.

These are just couple of examples which flashed in my mind as soon as I thought about the usage of technology which augments the human life and behavior.

There is a famous saying “Change is Constant”. Since companies like IBM are in the Technology space, it comes to them naturally where they invest heavily on it. By doing this, they not only help themselves but the World as a whole.  Speaking about technology and its uses, I am sure you would have come across their famous “Call for Code” campaign which sees some of the brightest minds from across the globe competing actively to prove their mettle and see them bagging the coveted title along with the cash prize of USD5,000. The theme for each year gets changed as per that particular year’s requirement and this year, the winner who bet on AI Farming has bagged the title. You could see more about this by clicking here

The ideas that were incubated found its light through this campaign which otherwise would have remained a dream. When you get a platform which only recognises your idea but also help you in achieving it, will you not be taking the first step to move towards it? Technology is playing a vital role wherein the developer could come out with most sustainable and actionable solutions for a greater support to the mankind.

Having discussed about all the above, we should also look into some ground level reality. Not all could afford to undertake courses to sharpen their skills due to their financial commitments or otherwise. To make this process simpler and affordable to all, IBM is also offering FREE Courses.

YES. You read it right!

They are offering courses on:

  • 1.    Cloud
  • 2.    Data Science Foundation
  • 3.    Python for Data Science
  • 4.    Deep Learning
  • 5.    Setting Up Your Own Chatbot
  • 6. Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes and Open Shift

Doesn’t this sound interesting to you? If yes, all you need to do it to enroll yourselves by heading over to this website

IF you ask, why you need to do this and what is in it for you, consider these pointers.

  • a.     These courses are offered absolutely FREE of cost.
  • b.    These are self-paced courses which means you can progress at your own pace.
  • c.     Certification from IBM which is recognized globally.
  • d.    Empower yourself with the practical knowledge.
  • e.     Implement them and make your dream become a reality.

When there is such an opportunity available right in front of you, would you think twice to grab it? You do not get something of great value for FREE but when there is one, you need to grab it before it is gone. Do you agree with me?

Spend your holidays in a  productive way by enhancing your skills with these beautifully curated courses.

All you need to invest is just one important aspect – Your T-I-M-E.