Book Review - We Met For A Reason


Title - We Met For A Reason
Author - Subrat Saurabh
Genre - Fiction (Romance)
Publisher - Notion Press
ISBN - 978-1-63781-675-2

An unusual love story which takes few twists before ending on a happy note. Loved the way author has used the characters where each and every role was given due importance.
This begins with Karan Dewan, the protagonist
Mr Nair
Shanaya Sharma and
Shalini Pandey

Karan was a carefree guy who never took relationships serious. He was slim, tall and handsome and was in a high paying job in Stockholm, Sweden. He meets Anika at his workplace and impresses her through his persistence and approach. While things were going fine, he was sent to Mumbai.

After reaching Mumbai, he meets his good friend Dhruv. He also meets an aspiring model Shanaya Sharma. When things were about to take off, something happens. After all these events, our man meets Mrs Shalini Pandey. There are some intimate moments in this story and hence it isn't fit for kids/school students to read. Otherwise, it is a perfect entertainer which you can read it in one go since it is packed with love, sex, emotions among others.

What happens in the end is not expected. The last few pages would surely make you emotional, especially if you ever had been on that phase or going through one....

The way the story unfolds itself makes it a perfect consideration to be adapted for a small or a big screen.

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