Book Review - Sense Of A Quiet


Title - Sense Of A Quiet
Author - Deepak Kripal
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Leadstart Inkstate
ISBN - 978-93-5559-019-0

Loved reading this novel for the fact that it had a unique plot altogether. This novel did not have a multitude of characters which is usually the case and hence remembering them wasn't a task. Kudos to the author to start with for these two pointers.

The plot revolves around three college friends who went on to become MBBS professionals. There wasn't much focus on their college life apart from a few references and the story was set to happen in the present day.

Milind, Diya, and Rohan were MBBS classmates. While Milind and Diya get hitched, Rohan too marries another college friend, Shefali. While Shefali wanted to separate from Rohan or vice-versa, he decides to visit Milind and Diya's house to have some peace of mind.

Milind's mother-in-law Pushpalata was a high-profile lady who did not give much attention/respect to him. Then there is Sapna, the maid who was actually from Bangladesh and had a troubled married life. Some part of the story was dedicated to Hoshiyar Singh, the landlord of Milind. These bits were an interesting part as it takes us on a journey of a no-fuss retired defense person. 

Rohan enters into an altercation with the close aide of an MLA and even at home, Diya found Rohan in a situation that could not be pardoned. The story revolves around so many incidents, all of them stitched together with perfection, giving us insights into the day-to-day life involving Government officials, administration, marriage, abuses, and troubled relationships in a beautiful way.

As I have mentioned earlier, I would recommend this novel for the unique plot and the narration that was set to keep it interesting.

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