The Mahabharata Code by Karthik K B Rao

We all would have watched Mahabharata in television as a kid or otherwise. We would have also listened to the story from our grandparents or in conference or at least have read it in parts in book/school text. 

Undoubtedly we had seen the evolution of story over a period of time where we had seen the greatest epic being translated and transformed in various forms with the help of technology but not getting the basic story line changed.

The same happens in "The Mahabharata Code". How nice would be it be to read that Lord Krishna writes in a Parker Pen and there are lot of coding and technology involved? This is what the author tried bringing in this story. He has integrated it very well at suitable places that makes this book really interesting to read.

I must say that the thought process gone in this book is simply mind-blowing because as a kid, I always remember my Mom saying that the so called GOD would be Technologically Superior to us sitting elsewhere in the galaxy monitoring us and when I read it in words, my joy knew no bounds.

I liked all the chapters in this book which had 22 chapters and among all I liked Chapter 20 which is The Revelation and I would compare it with modern day 'Bhagavad Gita" which would make you to "Self-Realise". This is one book which can be read by people from all over the world without giving a second thought as it is more of though provoking and compelling.

I am not going deep into this book as it is a simple integration of the Epic Mahabharat itself but with modern day twists and turns. Do give a read and enjoy :-)


Thanks Sarath. I am glad you liked the book. Made my day :)