Rail Yatri - Power App

Rail Yatri is an amazing app that I had recently tumbled upon on Windows Store. Since most of our desktops are powered by Windows OS and we also use Windows Mobile/PDA/Tab, I immediately went ahead and downloaded this app.

What is even more appealing is the availability on iOS store as well.

Before we could procee further, do check this interesting TVC on #MeriRailMeraDesh

I decided to give it a try and review the App since it is the most convenient way of doing most of our activities.

This is the web version. If you are not convenient in using the app, you can very well use the web version and only difference what I had found between the app and the web version is the availability of Food in Train option.This option alone is not integrated in the app as of now but it may not bother you much unless you do not prefer to order food on the train or decide to carry your own food :-)

Now, let us see how the front page looks on the app and we will go about seeing the features in detail.

Looks colorful isn't it? Believe me. The app is so easy to install and operate. It is pretty much self explanatory. Now let us see what the relevant icons do.

First, it is the PNR Status. All you need to do is to enter the train no or the name or the 10 digit PNR number to get to know the status. You need not have to call the Railway Enquiry Line anymore :-)

The one showing above will let you know whether the train has started or not. This will become handy when you are rushing to the station and wanted to find out the status. If it is delayed, you can thank your stars :-)

The one shown above is unique. It shows at what time, a specific train reaches a specific station. This means you need not have to keep asking the TTR as to when you can expect your station to be arriving - especially if you are travelling to that destination for the first time.

We also give more importance to the Seat Availability and there is an option on the App to check that as well.

Now comes the most important aspect. If you would want to find out whether a train is running on its schedule time or not which is the train running status, this is where you can get the info, instantly.

There are few other interesting aspects with RailYatri and this includes Passenger Feedback/Uploads.

You can also get to now about more info via RailYatri Bulletin.

Last but not the least, there is an option called Fare Calculator which will help you in getting to know how much fare that you will incur if you are traveling from one station to the other.

My Verdict:

The app is so cool. User Interface is like a breeze. You can use it anytime with ease. There is so much of awesomeness in a single app when it comes to Rail Booking. It is a MUST TRY. Go for it. You'll start loving it.....


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