The Story of a Suicide

The Story of a Suicide is a fictional novel written by Sriram Ayer. The illustrations were done by Ghana which I must say is impressive and perfectly complement the story in all the places where ever it appears.

I would not call this an eBook because it is much more than that. The availability of the audio book makes this even more appealing since one could get to know about the story while traveling or even while resting on the bed.

My take on this book:

The story is critical of tendencies of youngsters who take the extreme step in ending their life - Suicide. What instigates them to go to this extent has been beautifully portrayed in this story. The story has four main characters - Sam, Charu, Hari and Mani. All the four characters comes from various background from various places. They study in a same institution. Sam meets Charu in a situation which calls for an emergency since Mani tried to hang himself as he could not cope up with the English language and had many arrears. He was forced to take this step since he always stood as a school topper but he studied all the subjects in his mother tongue. Sam rescues him by admitting him in the hospital.

Hari comes and join Sam as his roommate. These four becomes friends and Charu initially liked Sam for his character but later when she learnt he was too possessive about her, she starts to maintain a distance which provokes Sam. He even goes to an extent to think that Charu had illegal affair with their professor Alex.

In the meanwhile Mani starts developing a liking towards his friend Hari. Hari was abused by his uncle when he was a kid and he always had a doubt about his sexual preference.

Sam gets drunk and his anger gets further fuelled by his friend Aditya. He wanted to teach Charu a lesson and infects her mobile with a trojan. Using the software called JARVIS he has developed, Sam captures some intimate pics of Charu and threatens her that he would expose her beauty to the outside world,without revealing his identity.

Charu seeks the help of Alex. Alex gets a cyber crime official and they decide to lay a trap for Sam. What happens in the end is really shocking....

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My Experience in real life:

I did not come across any situation similar to his but there was an instance when my friend wanted to commit suicide since his proposal was not accepted by the girl who also happened to be my colleague. It took great persuasion skills from my end to speak to him for days together which eventually led him to divert his attention towards other things and in the end, they both got married and living happily now with a kid. I feel really proud of myself for having played a major role in the wedding.

My Advice:

Suicide is not the end means. It is a momentary decision. It can be avoided. All we need is to think for few seconds before taking that extreme step. If a person is not firm in taking the decision, he/she should consult a friend or a counsellor. No person has got the right to take their own life. We all are born with sixth sense and it is this which differentiates us from animals. We must be brave enough to face the world come what may. Let us face it with confidence and be a role-model to others.....