My Dream Project for #MyStartUpIndia


India is getting itself adapted to startups in the recent past. We have seen lot of startups being grown into successful ventures in their respective fields which ranges from e-Commerce, Cab Aggregation, Digital Wallets to name a few among very many industries.

This has also seen India attracting large number of Venture Capitalists and Fund Managers to invest heavily on these startups as they were sure about seeing a higher rate of returns in the near future. The prospects of startups are much higher in India than compared to any other nation since we offer lot of growth opportunities since most of the industries and sectors were either untapped or explored to its fullest potential.

I have an idea for a very long time now. I would say close to a decade.

What idea do I have? Can it be implemented? If implemented, what are the benefits of it?

As we know that India is one of the hottest nations in the World with Sun God showing his mercy on us all through the year. While the resources are abundant and pretty much unlimited, we still have not tapped it to its fullest potential - atleast in the area I am wishing to concentrate.

We are slowly developing the technology of tapping this renewable energy and this has seen ADANI Group setting up the World's Largest Solar Power Plant in Kamuthi,Ramanathapuram with total capacity of 648MW on 21st September 2016. While this is undoubtedly a commendable effort as we have also witnessed lot of renewable energy power plants being commissioned across various parts of the country, we have still not developed an effective way of storing it.

My idea:

My idea is not only to develop storing cells which should be much effective but should be used predominantly in running air conditioners. As we have seen above, not much is done in this sector, whatever the power that is being produced were forced to be used on the same day. Though we may still transmit this power via National Grid lines to the other states which is facing the shortage of power due to its low production,the same if it gets stored can be used much efficiently.

We also know very well that there is a huge loss while transmitting the power through grid lines which can touch as high as 30% due to various reasons like theft, natural calamities etc., the storage option can effectively address this issue.

As said earlier, I want most of this power to be used to operate energy guzzlers like air-conditioners since most of our homes have at least 1 of the unit, if not many. Since this is the one which draws up more energy than any other appliance at home, making these a.c's run with the renewable energy through the power being stored in high efficient batteries that should give atleast 8-10 hours of back-up is what is the need of the hour.

Can it be implemented?

My idea can certainly be implemented. Though we have not so efficient batteries to store the solar power and use it at a later date (solar lamps are the major example), these high powered batteries when developed - which of course requires huge capital and technology to improvise on it can be really helpful to our nation.

Benefits of Implementation

We can firstly stop importing coal from other nations which is one of the reasons for major outflow of Forex.

People can set up the solar panels just on the top of their house easily and can stay independent without expecting the Govt to help them and anything in excess can be sold to the Govt at a nominal cost.

If required, the street lights corresponding to the house can draw power from the home direct. This would be another efficient way to maintain the public utilities.

The benefits are very many. All we need is much powerful batteries that are capable of storing the solar power and help us "Beat the heat with the heat"

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