It's All in the Planets by Preeti Shenoy

Title - It's All in the Planets
Author - Preeti Shenoy
Publisher - Westland Ltd
Genre - Romance Fiction
Cover Photograph - Shutterstock
Cover Design - Haitenlo Semy
ISBN - 978-93-86036-45-2

Another excellent story is here by Preeti Shenoy. The genre is romance fiction. I got this book a week back and picked it up to read yesterday. Believe me or not. I finished reading all the 304 pages in a span of 4 hours. I was also lucky to have got an autographed copy since I preordered the book on Amazon.

What is this book all about?

How is it different from others?

This book is all about four major characters - Aniket, Trisha, Nidhi and Manoj. There were other characters like Subbu, Sujata, Tanvi, Prabhu, Vishwa and Darshita Sen among others.

Aniket, a software professional was madly in love with Trisha who worked as a model. Nidhi on the other hand was in love with Manoj. Somehow there was not a connect between these two couples though they wished each other on their birthdays, exchanging gifts, going on date etc., among others.

Though on one hand Aniket was trying his level best to keep his fiancee Trisha happy, Manoj was exactly the opposite who never cared about Nidhi.

How things shaped up? What happened in the end is something you should check it out by buying the book.

The book is different from others because the author has used two star signs Leo and Sagittarius very effectively and by giving the prediction for the day before the start of the new chapter, she has given us the hint as to what exactly we can expect on that particular chapter and how she uses the star sign that has an effect on our lives effectively adds more beauty to the story line.

I do not personally believe in star signs and jyotish but somewhere down the line I had this feeling of these signs having an influence on our lives someway or the other which has been brilliantly portrayed in this novel.

I hope you liked reading my review. To get to know what exactly happens in the end, do buy the book from Amazon or Flipkart and is also available on all leading bookstores offline.