Reasons to stay healthy

Living Healthy is all one would always aspire and even the saying"Health is Wealth" shows how much importance we have been giving ever since the human race has evolved. Even in Sangam Tamil Literature there was a phrase which says "Udambai Valarthaen Uyirai Valartheney" which means " I fed my body so that I live longer"

We do lot of activities on a day to day basis which helps us live strong and healthier. I am no exception. In this blog post I would be sharing some of the tips that I follow on a regular basis to keep myself healthy.

Waking up early is one of the important aspects. It will keep your body, mind and soul - clean and active. Having said that, I should also emphasize that I go to bed early as well. This way I ensure that my body gets a proper 6-8 hour of rest so that all the vital elements are charged for the next day's work with greater efficiency.

I get to brush as soon as I get up and drink 2 glasses of water. This is really good for your heart as it remove toxins and keep your body hydrated. I also take great care in avoiding junk food because these add up bad cholesterol in our body which would easily affect our heart without giving a second thought. A good cholesterol & omega fatty acids are good for our health. So I ensure I get them in sufficient quantities. This includes consuming organic food that also includes ghee and other items. Anything, if consumed in limited quantity, is always good for health. On the other hand, over consumption of the same so called "good items" can prove to be fatal. I ensure that I do not cross that mark.

Whenever possible, I always tend to walk. This will be real good for the body as it makes your muscles on your legs strong and also ensure that your heart pumps out blood in an efficient manner. A walk adds more value to it when you get to do it in the early morning as you tend to inhale fresh air. You will also get to feel the real difference when you do this.

So the steps are simple for me to STAY ACTIVE:

1. Get good sleep.
2. Avoid junk food.
3. Take a walk, wherever and where ever possible.
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Hit the gym.

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I will share more information on my next blog post. Do read it as well :-)

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