More reasons to stay healthy

On my previous blog post, I did share some of the insights on how to stay healthy. I am continuing it further in this where I would be adding more information.In this post, I am going to talk about Eating Better and Being Happy.

Apart from drinking lots of water, walking, having a sound sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, there were lot others which would help us. I am going to share those in thie blog post.

We live in a fast world where everything is fast including food which is why we see lot of  fast food joints and dhabas having cropped up all through our place. It isn't good to be a regular in these places since it attracts lot of bad things rather than the good ones. One of the foremost reason is the re-usage of oil. In these places, oil gets re-used over and over again. The result or the outcome is inevitable. The oil which is good otherwise starts becoming toxic due to the over usage. You may have that nice aroma and taste but remember, you are consuming a slow poison by consuming such food regularly.

You should also avoid eating Maida. I know Parota is the favorite food for many over there including me but this maida is being prepared with lot of chemicals which is used for bleaching to give that fine white color and texture. This cannot be separated by the blood when we consume it. It gets added inside our body and the end result is a disaster. You may have the wheat parota without giving a second thought but try to avoid maida as much as possible.

Do not take stress too much. You may have stress at home or office or both. Do not mix them. Keep them separate. When you mix them, it will double up. Higher stress means high pressure and your heart has to work much faster. Keep your stress under control. If you cannot control yourself, indulge in the practice of Yoga which is a proven method for stress buster. The more co you are, the more is your life. If you are old, mingle with youngsters especially kids as it would bring you a real difference in your life.

Listening to Music and watching nature and doing gardening is also an effective way to keep your heart healthy. Many of them indulge in this. Do give it a try. You will acknowledge my claims. 

Plan your work. When you plan your work in advance, you will complete it on time which wil give you a real peace of mind.

Do not over-eat and eat over-heated food as both of them are harmful.

These are some of the methods, I follow in my day to day life.I hope you found this helpful and urge you to follow them so that you will also have a healthy heart which would enhance the quality of your life....

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