A day out at Super Munch

Super Munch is a theme based restaurant. If you haven’t guessed it, this is based on super power characters created by various creators.
What is special about this?

Firstly, the interiors. They are done in such a way that it would be a paradise for kids. It features various popular characters as wall painting and hanging. Secondly, the lighting is done well to enhance this.
Lastly, they have also kept lot of comics which means, the kids can relish their food while reading their favourite comics. It doesn’t end here. Even the menu card is based on this theme. Hence it is a perfect themed restaurant which would delight your kids for sure and also the kid in you.
Coming to the food.
We ordered few starters/appetisers and milkshakes before going in to the main course. The items included:

1) Pepe Le Pew
2) Sabu’s Rings
3) Michael Angelo’s cups
4) Antman’s Sushi - all appetisers

1) Kitty Kat Woman - Milkshake
1) Hail Hydra
2) Spicy Mrs Potato Head
3) Birbal’s Temptation - all burgers

1) Nick Fury’s Peri Peri - French Fries
1) Gamora’s Game - Mojito
Coming to the taste, I have tasted almost all since we 4 of us shared them except the burgers which we had it as per our order. So yes, in burger, I ordered Hail Hydra. It was a different level burger which is laced with cheese, cabbage & mushrooms. The taste was so good that I wanted to order come more but since I was full, I stopped with one.
In milkshake, I had the Kitty Kat Woman. It wasn’t too sweet but at the same time was appealing to the taste buds. Do not miss it.
In appetisers, almost all of them were finished by us in no time as it tasted real good & different. The blend of spices were too good to resist. Each of them were accompanied by various sauces which added more taste to them. The cup pizzas were unique and one could finish it in a single go. Antman’s Sushi saved us since Nick Fury’s Peri Peri was real hot but yes, it has perfectly complemented the other dishes. Hence,no complaints.
They also have offers running. Check as to how you can avail discounts between 2 to 5%. Products are reasonably priced. If you want to give a unique experience to your kids, this is the right place to go