Restaurant Coverage - FondOfUe by Fromage

About the restaurant:
This restaurant Fondofue needs no introduction. Though they are relatively new to the Egmore locality, they are a much sought after one in MRC Nagar.
As you could see from the pics, this place is located in the heart of the City - Egmore. Do n Bosco is next door. They have ample parking space for 2 wheeler & valet parking for 4 wheeler.
Sign boards are intricately done. The entrance is brightly lit & is decoratively designed with white umbrellas. Even the serial bulbs that adorn the dude walks weren’t the usual ones.
I loved the outdoor seating arrangement from where you could oversee the beautiful wall painting done (the first pic gives you the glimpse of it).
There is also indoor seating. These seats can be reserved in advance. They also provide private space for small party and get together which is on the first floor. They promote local artists as well in this Floor by keeping their paintings as wall display which unique.
If you’re looking for a restaurant which is unique and is exceptionally good in food, this is the place you need to go to #FondOfUe by #Fromage

About the Food:
We were served with the #Christmas special dishes. Please note that these dishes will be served to the public from 13th December 2019 onwards until the end of the month.
What did we get to taste?
Cream of Mushroom

Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
Veg Parmesan Wheel Pasta
Volcanic Tex Mex Veg Burger
Bruschetta Veg 4 Ways
Spinach & Corn Cheese pizza
Gooey Cheese Balls
Chicken Tacos
Green Garden Pesto
Veg Quesadilla
Death by Chocolate Cake

***Please note that I have not mentioned the food items in order***
We started with the soups. They were beyond any comparison. They tasted real good. We finished it in no time including the bun/garlic bread pieces.
We then had gooey cheese balls which tasted divine. These were well cooked. It was crispy from the outside and was loaded with cheese inside. Take a look at how the cheese came out

We then had cup sized cheese pizzas which was finished in no time.
The volcanic Tex Mex veg burger was real huge. We managed to slice it into 7 pieces and finished it in no time. Paneer in this as well as in few other items were worth mentioning as they were real soft & melted literally in our mouth.
The Parmesan Cheese Wheel pasta is the highlight. They were prepared so intricately and the restaurant takes pride in saying that it is the only one in South India which makes pasta using this wheel that is imported from Italy. I have managed to capture the video of making the pasta in this. Take a look at the video.
Video 1:

Video 2:

We also had a chance to eat the other Christmas special dishes like rice/noodles. You will not find these online but do ask for it when you visit the restaurant.
Veg Quesadilla is yet again the best and I would certainly recommend this as well 🙂
Death by Chocolate Cake is something you wouldn’t want to miss 😍
A perfect dining experience which would linger in my taste buds for the days to come...