Whats New with PayTM

When it comes to mobile payments like utility bills, mobile prepaid and postpaid bills, DTH recharges etc., PayTM has always been the leader. They have never failed to wow us ever since its inception with the offers and very negligible payment failures. This was made possible with their robust system integration coupled with security systems which has always given you the peace of mind you wanted. Since I have used multiple apps and platforms, I can certainly vouch for that and in fact I had even lost some money with one of the app and have also had nightmares with few others too.

If you have used PayTM, I am sure you would certainly vouch yourself that it is the best since making payments is almost like a breeze since you need not have to wait for the payment to be completed. Coming to the point. Let us see what are some of the features that makes PayTM to stay on top of the others.

Do you know?

You can book 2 and 4 wheelers like Mahindra Gusto, Aprilia 150 and Renault Kwid among others via PayTM

When it comes to ordering the footwear or apparels, most of us are reluctant for the simple reason whether it would fit us properly and if not, how to return it without any trouble. To make our job easier, PayTM has made the return policies easy.

PayTM has an option called Passbook which you must check, if you haven't explored it earlier. It will help you in keeping a tab on your expenses. Since this is a Digital eWallet, lot of youngsters may tend to spend without keeping a tab on their expenses. This can be controlled better with this option.

Should you have any problem, the robust customer care team of PayTM is always there to help us. All you need to do is to raise your concern and see that it is addressed at the earliet.

When it comes to making the payments, PayTM is the best and they offer promos from time to time. All you need to do is to check and apply the right offers at the right time to get the most from your money. More than all these, you tend to save lot of time and money with this excellent ePayment solutions.

Last but not the least, PayTM has got a revolutionary system where you get to know as to where you are buying the products from. Though other e-tailers do provide the name of the seller, PayTM is one of the very few to even give you the address of the seller.I am sure this would be the maximum any one can do.

All you need to do is to download the app which is available on Google Playstore for Android and also on iOS and to get the most of it, complete the eKYC so that you will have a higher spending limit on your account. What are you waiting for? Start downloading and start saving.....