Diwali Shopping at Forum Vijaya Mall

Diwali - the Festival of Lights is around the corner. Hardly some 15 days are left for us to experience this magical festival. Where do you go for shopping usually? Some would prefer to do it near their locality and some who do not want to venture out would do it online. Some would go all the way to their favorite malls irrespective of the distance to get their shopping done. I too did my shopping today at Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani. There are few reasons behind it.


1. You would get to experience the real festive mood and feeling as you could see lot of people gathering in one place to do their shopping.

2. You get range of products varying in colors, size and shape and is also available at attractive discounts and other offers(which you would see on the later half - in the pictures)

3. You get to spend some time with your near and dear ones, off-line since most of us are on-line most of the time.

4. You can also do lot of other things like shopping for home, having a lunch or dinner in the food court and probably end the day with a movie.


1. To be honest, the only cons I would mention it here is the time but having said that, it is this precious time we need to spend for our precious ones to give them that ultimate happiness. Am I not correct?

2. Last but not the least - spending. You need to have proper control in how much you want to spend because these offers are real tempting and you may also have to agree to fulfill the wishes of your family which includes your mom,dad, brother, sister, spouse, kids etc., etc., So please do exercise caution in this aspect ;-)

Why did I select Forum Vijaya Mall?

The reason is simple. It is less than 30 minutes of drive from my place and is located in a central location which is easily accessible by 2 or 4 wheeler, bus and share auto. What more one would need? You also get ample space for parking. Hence I settled on this.

Another reason is the availability of brands and stores inside the mall varying from Lifestyle to Zimson, Max, Imagine, RmKV and more. You also have some amazing restaurants on the 3rd floor.

I went early in the morning to avoid traffic and also the scorching sun which is still not showing mercy on us.

I am not going to feature women's section here since I went alone and did not wanted to get unwanted attraction from the store incharge people as to what I am doing in the Women's section. Hence please excuse :-)

I must say the women section is massive with lots and lots of collection from various brands like W, Biba and others. I managed to capture just this section,

Now comes the Men's Section and I would say this  "Guys, be ready to get yourself indulged in a virtual treat on collections and offers"

How about the above mentioned offers and collection? Are they not stupendous? I also must need to admit that I could present to you just 1/10th of the entire collection. Imagine how much they have got in store for us. What are you waiting for? Do visit the store at the earliest and grab as much offers as you can.

The over all experience was real good because I was there for an hour or so and had plenty of options to browse and select.

By they way, I can also hear some of you asking me this question - "What did you buy by the way"

I bought a WRANGLER SLIM FIT DENIM. As promised, here is me wearing them,

P.S. I don't like Window-Shopping. I never did and will never do ;-)