Let The Game Begin

Title - Let The Game Begin
Author - Sandeep Sharma
Genre - Fiction
Publisher - Inspire India Publishers
ISBN - 978-93-85783-46-3

Do you like Chess?
Do you like History?
If your answer is YES, even to one of this, do not miss to read ths book.

The book is set in two different time period - one that of epic age and one that of present day. How a King gets betrayed when there was a cold war between Chaturanga and Sarprakt and what happens in the present day is the actual story but the way, the characters had evolved makes this a compulsory fiction thriller to read.

I loved the interconnect between the two periods involving lot of characters and though I felt bit bred in the initial stage, as soon as I got to know about the great plot being formed, I could not stop reading all the 35 characters in one stretch.

There was love. There was deceit. There was revenge. There was redemption. One could find everything in this novel.

The story begins with brutal murders from across the country and the killer leaves a hint with a chess piece along with some strange message. How it gets decoded and what leads to the killer is the story line which the author has handled it with perfection and just before one could come to a conclusion that this is the end, the story begins from there. Yes. There is Part 2 to this story and having read the first part, I could not stop waiting for the second pat to arrive.....