Secrets Of Healthy Living - Sleeping & Bathing

Sleeping and Bathing are the two major activities we do almost everyday. We do it without giving a second thought. Do you know that you can enhance your quality of life by doing these two activities in a specific way/method. 

You might ask as to how this is possible and what is the big deal to perform it in a specific way. Yes, it is a big eal because this method has been followed by our ancestors for decades and we have forgotten about it completely and changed it to our needs and convenience. Let us leave all the arguments aside and see what needs to be done when it comes to Sleeping and Bathing.


We all know that one must get at least 6 hours of good sleep, if not more. If you get to sleep or 8 hours in total, there is nothing like it.

What are the things one must do prior to going to bed?

1. You should not have eaten any food at least an hour prior. The digestion system will not work proper during your sleep and hence the reason.
2. Do not drink too much of water prior to going to bed as it may prove as a detrimental factor to disturb your sleep.
3. Try avoiding the intake of non-vegetarian food in the nights as it takes more longer time to get digested.
4. Go to bed early and raise early.
5. Sleep in a calm environment with very less or no lights.

Coming to the most important point. There is a way to sleep. You heard it right.

Ensure you place your head in the East direction which means your legs will be facing the West. The reason behind this is simple. Our body consists of heat elements. To get a good sleep, the heat must be relieved from the body. It has been proved scientifically that when you sleep on the above mentioned direction - with head placed on the East and toes on the West, the heat that is being generated in the East (due to Sun rise) will pass on through your head and leave through the toes which means the heat will not stay on your head but will give the much required heat for the toes which would act as a massage. If you sleep on the reverse direction, the heat would stay on your head thereby hindering your sleep.


Bathing is the another important action we perform almost every day. We must follow certain rules while bathing.

1. Use a good soap/shampoo.
2. Please be advised that using Shampoo will not damage your hair.
3. Use good water,
4. Do not bath as soon as you have consumed food as it may delay the process of digestion.
5. On the other hand, if you have food as soon as you had your bath, the digestion gets done faster.

This is the reason, our parents insists us to take bath prior to having our breakfast.

There is a method for Bathing too.

Most of us take bath in hot water. While it is somewhat ok during winter, it should not be done during summer. As we saw, our body is made of heat elements. We take bath to cool our body. While taking bath especially with the cold water, you should not pour it on your head firstly. Instead, you need to pour the water on your toes and then you have to proceed upwards. This is because the heat will rise from the toe and go upwards and it would go out of our body through the nose and ears.

On the other hand, if you pour the water on your head, the heat would be pushed to the toe and would stay there until the correct process is followed. 

Please note that you may use hot water only when you are taking oil bath and not otherwise. If you still want to take bath in hot water, you may provided the water is diluted to luke warm condition.

Now you would have understood as to why our ancestors have followed a specific style for every action. Follow the above actions and live a healthy life.