TATA HEXA Experience

What do you expect from a vehicle?

Comfort & Convenience?
Brand Name?

If your answer is YES to all the above mentioned attributes, continue reading this as you have reached the right place. I am talking about the all new TATA HEXA here.

The vehicle is yet to be launched with bookings starting from November and the delivery is scheduled from Jan 2017 onwards.

Why TATA Hexa?

There are few reasons behind this.Firstly you should understand that I am promoting the vehicle not  because I was invited for the pre-launch to be one the firsts to try experiencing the vehicle first hand but like all others who were present, I was really really impressed with the vehicle, overall.

It is one of the biggest passenger vehicles TATA has ever made but having said that, when I drove this, I felt like handling a baby as the drive was like a breeze.

Firstly let us see as to what went into making this amazing vehicle and why we all were so very impressed.

The person in the pic is none other than Mr.Richard from the UK designing team and as you can see, the design has been conceptualised by three teams - one from India, one from UK and one from Italy.

TATA Motors believed in essentials for a modern SUV and what they believed, they put it in action by bringing forth the HEXA.

As you could see on the above pic, the features were many and you cannot remember all of them, honestly until you get used to it.

The above seen pic gives in detail what this beautiful beast is comprised of :-)

I was thoroughly impressed with the above because it was a mammoth 800,000kms of testing which was done prior to the release of HEXA and it is not a mean task.

Available in Automatic and Manual transmission modes, this vehicle comes in 6 variants. We had an opportunity to test drive both Manual and Automatic variants. While the grey ones were Automatic Variants, the Blue ones were Manual ones.

The flag-off happened at 6:30 in the morning. We took the automatic variant to start with.

Ananth, who was nominated as our Team Captain took the lead. 

Satheesh and I were in the team and we were joined by a team member from TATA Motors.

We drove 85 kms one way. We took turns in changing between ourselves to drive and we clicked few pics during the change over :-)

Now, you may have a look at some of the interiors and also the exteriors of this amazing vehicle.

Now, let us see some of the features that I managed to remember among the very many, it has to offer.

19" Alloy Wheels.
ABS which enables you to apply brakes at very short distance.
6 Airbags.
10 JBL Speakers/Woofers to give that ultimate music experience.
Spacious Interiors.
Attractive Colors.
Huge Tail Lamps.
Power Steering and Power Windows.
Rear A/C Vents and Music Provision.
Superior Upholstery and interiors.
High Driver Seat giving the person who drives the vehicle, a perfect view.
App Compatible Navigation and Entertainment System.
4 Driving Modes (available only on Manual Transmission).
Ground Clearance - 200 mm.
Mood Lighting Option.
Sound Control from/through the Steering.

There are many more features available in this stunningly designed beast which is real easy to handle because even when we cruised at 120kmph , we could hardy feel any difference as there was not even a slightest jerk and the suspensions were really stupendous as it maneuvered on potholes with ease which is the best part when it comes to Manual Transmission. The Manual Transmission can not only climb the steep roads but can also help you climb down as well. The grip is of superior quality which means, you can even drive this vehicle with ease on a slippery surface.

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My heartfelt thanks to TATA Motors and Indiblogger for this amazing opportunity :-)


nice coverage- may be you can make images larger for better viewing

Thank You Shrinidhi. It gets automaticaally converted to thumbnail but when a reader clicks it, the image gets enlarged :-)
I guess it's to save Data but those who have RELIANCE JIO shouldn't be worrying about the data ;-)

Amazing review of surely an equally amazing vehicle. All aspects, technically well covered which makes this a wonderful post.

More than anything, it was great meeting and catching up with you there.

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It’s the H-word everywhere, ever since I had the opportunity to experience the amazing power packed SUV to be launched by Tata Motors very soon.

This power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped beast of the road was unveiled by the Company last week at Hyderabad and I was surely excited to be a one of the top bloggers across genres from around the country who had been called to witness this wonderful piece of engineering design at Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport.

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Thank You Sanjay for the lovely comments :-)
It was my pleasure meeting you as well.