Live Healthy with The Diabetic Food Trail

Is diabetes, a source of botheration to you? You need not have to because that is all this amazing The Diabetic Food Trail is all about. Being started by Mrs.Seema Pinto along with her husband Mr.Manoj Pinto, this has become a real big event to reckon with.

Mrs Pinto herself is a diabetic person for the past 12 years and she never took great care of her health in the initial stages. One day, she wanted to order some healthy food and she could not find one in and around Dadar, Mumbai which is when this idea was born.

The Diabetic Food Trail is been conducted in Mumbai,Pune, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore and I was lucky to be invited for this event which was held at The Park Hyatt on 11/11/16. The conference room was housefull which showed how much diet conscious these people were.

The information shared by Mrs & Mr Pinto were so very useful.

She said we need to eat healthy food and that means the food should be baked or half cooked or raw rather than adding a word to it which makes any vegetable, unhealthy. For example - Tomato. While a normal tomato is good, adding a word like sauce makes it bad. After her impressive session was over, Mr Srinivasan from Biocon took the stage and discussed how much his company had helped the diabetic patients when it comes to providing affordable medicine.

Now, it was time for Dr. Wasim to take over. Having been in the medicinal field comprising both Allopathic and Alternate Medicines, he shared some beautiful insights.

It was time for Chef Teuku, Vamsi and Lalit to take over the dais which they did.

Following were the items that were prepared by them. These were not only tasted awesome but were healthy too and would go perfectly well with diabetes affected people.

Asian Lettuce Cup - Chicken Dish

Tuna Salad Wraps

Baked Assorted Lentil Stew Casserole

Pan Seared Sea Bass and

Pecan Red Banana and Nutrichoice Essentials Oats Biscuit Pudding.

Here are some of the takeaways from the session:

1. Eat in small portions throughout the day - 5 times a day is ideal.
2. Drink 3 bottles of water.
3. Do HAb1C test once in every 3 months as it gives better results.
4. There is no restriction that you need not eat Rice, If you take a bowl of rice, ensure you take 1,5 to 2 bowls of vegetables.
5. Try eating baked, half baked, raw vegetables rather than crushed fruits and vegetables.
6. Use oil that is available locally rather than refined oil.
7. Add locally available salt which may have impurities rather than fully refined salt.
8. Do not skip meals. Eat like an Emperor in the Morning, Eat like Minister in the Noon and like a Pauper in the Night.
9. Spread the awareness. Do not panic if you have diabetes as it can come as an hereditary one as well.

You may follow their website to get to know more in detail including the participating restuarants which would serve Diabetic Friendly food menu at -> http://www.diabeticfoodtrail.com/

Many thanks for Meghna and her team from Park Hyatt who played the role of a perfect host of this ever informative event. I was equally glad to know that The Park Hyatt would also be serving these food stuffs till 30th November 2016. You may visit their site too at  https://park.hyatt.com/en/parkhyatt.html


Good one :) the adding a word to the vegetable was nice :D :)

Thank You Kavipriya. I am glad that you liked it :-)