Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a unique concept where you can reach out to a huge base at a very minimal cost. Unlike television, where a brand needs to make a repeated ad to keep the public informed, Social Media would be the platform where an announcement or promotion would remain for long.

Social Media Marketing is a huge concept and can be segregated into various aspects but primarily into two segments.

1) SEO
2) SEM

Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing plays a vital role in any social media marketing. This also includes Page Ranks in Google which would help you fetch more revenue especially when your company is indulged in eCommerce. Page Rank plays a vital role because when a stranger searches the web with a specific keyword, your brand should appear in the very first page on the Google Search Page, preferably in Top 10. When it does, there is a more likely option for your page to attract more visitors and gain business.

What will make your page appear on Top List on Google Search?

There are few which makes this possible. Appropriate use of tags and providing back links from various other sites will help the so called "crawlers" being deployed by Google to search your page easily and help them rank it on the top. The backlinks can be provided by deploying influencer bloggers to give it on their web page/post.

The cost of acquisition plays a vital role for any business. It is this cost which would make you understand whether it is worth the money spent. Remember, retaining a customer is a vital part since cost of acquisition is always on the higher side ranging between 5-10 times the retainer cost.

Website Development:

When you develop your Website, ensure it is mobile friendly. You may also develop an App Version for your website and make it available on Google Playstore predominantly and if you have those extra bucks, make it available on iOS Store too. Ensure your website is encrypted especially when it comes to payments as it gives more confidence to the potential buyers. You may tie-up with lot of service providers out there who does this.


Remember, content is the king for any marketing. Social Media is no exception. Only when your content is of top class, it would attract the interest of the genuine buyers and even turn potential customers to the actual customers. Make it clean, appealing and honest rather than having an exaggeration of facts. Keep the content updated from time to time.


Social Media Marketing is predominantly present in few platforms namely

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Instagram
4) LinkedIN and
5) Pinterest

There are also other places like Snapchat and WhatsApp which is gaining importance. While WhatsApp is for your circle,group the other platforms are for general public.

These platforms can be effectively deployed by engaging the relevant users and influencers. While Facebook has the geo target option, it is bit expensive when it comes to running targeted ads and from my own experience, I have found this less effective when compared to Twitter since on Twitter, you can tag the relevant group and you would also get to know the reach using relevant tools.

LinkedIN on the other hand is for Professionals. Hence you must ensure that the quality of the content you are posting over there should be top class.

Instagram and Pinterest were mainly for expressing your point via pictures or story. With introduction of short video option, Instagram is gaining in on Social Media Marketing these days.

Hope you have found this post useful to an extent. As I have mentioned earlier, this is a huge area and what I have mentioned is just a tip of an iceberg.