Myriad Of Emotions

Title - Myriad Of Emotions
Author - Revathy
Genre - Fiction
ISBN - 978-93-86163-85-1

What does a parent expect from a child? What does the child expect in return? Are they bound to serve each other till eternity? This story clearly outlays the relationships and its importance in a precise way.

Sometime, as a reader, you may also feel yourself being a part of the characters in the story. If you did feel it any some point, that proves the success of the story.

Nainika had a happy married life until one day she receives a call from Kaushalya, her mother who fell and broke her hip. As i was a testing time, she wanted care and protection. Nainika's father Vasudevan was confined to his medical shop where as her husband Prithvi was very much eager in leaving to the U.S seeking for better prospects and to stay close to their daughter Suvarsha.

Nainika was stuck in a difficult situation - a situation where she needs to take a call between staying with her mother or to leave to US. At this juncture, she gets to know about Chaturvi. Her life takes a drastic turn after that. 

Who is Chaturvi? What did she do? Read this beautiful book to find out more.


The kindle edition is priced at Rs.201. Alternatively, you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited :-)


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