Rick Ross - Founder of The Cult Education Institute

I had an opportunity to come across this video on YouTube and I must say I was totally impressed.

Following are my observations :

Rick Ross - the founder of Cult Education Institute 500 interventions since 1982

1. Object of Worship defining the element o the group
2. A process of thought reform
3. The group does harm in some measurable way either in the form of money, sex etc.,

Rick had worked with two groups. The first one were sisters and the intervention did work in a positive manner.  He had worked later in Australia. "Unlike others, the people can decide to stay or leave but they invariably stay" says Rick. Intervention lasts usually for 3 to 4 days with 8 hours a day.

Rick does hi ground work by preparing the family a day before the intervention for 6-8 hours so they know as to what to expect from it.

Rick had later worked in Europe with a group which was known to many Chinese. There was one who belonged to this cult who refused to take medicines and insulin and was in the brink of death. His part was to stimulate "Critical Thinking".

Rick believes in asking questions and by this people were made to think. Only when a question is asked, one would begin the step of critical thinking and re-activate and begin to think independently. As they say "seeing is not believing", this is all about educational process about the group, about what is a destructive cult and what their family is worried about.

This evokes lot of process thought. One should not blindly believe something unless there is a strong evidence to support their belief. Usually people are forced into this for the benefit of others and not for their own well being. This must be understood and if you still have the trouble of identifying between the good and the bad, if you struggle to come out of your cult, your beliefs, you know where to go...