Gomathy Mami's range of batter

Gomathy Mami's range of batter is one of its kind. I had a chance to taste all of them and I must say that I was impressed with them.

What makes these batter special?

Firstly, these are fresh and do not have any preservatives.
They are nutritional and healthy.

The ingredients of these batter range are clearly mentioned, making one who consumes it to know as to what their intake is. If you look at it in close detail, these batter are helpful in controlling diabetes, cholesterol  and also helps in growth, weight reduction etc to name a few.

I also had a chance to make them. I am sharing some of the pics herewith. To start with, it is Gomathy Mami's Brown Rice Dosa

Now you may have a look at Gomathy Mami's Lentil Dosa

Its time to look at Gomathy Mami's Millet Dosa

Finally, it is Gomathy Mami's Multigrain Dosa

What I have liked the most is the range and the taste. The rates are also affordable. You may add salt as per your requirement. You can make either Dosa or Idli in these range. I preferred Dosa and hence we made dosas.

Try it at your home. It not only saves time but also helps you maintain good health. The product is available in Nilgiris and other super markets. At the moment, the product is available exclusively in Chennai but the founders are looking to expand it beyond Chennai - to cover Tamilnadu firstly and then spread all over India.

Its time to say goodbye to junk foods :-)